What you should do to ensure nothing is deducted from security deposit as you leave the apartment

Apartment moving is a stressful process and comes with many responsibilities that you have to take care of, often all by yourself. In all the hassles, people often forget the security deposit that they had paid when they moved to the unit they are leaving now. In other cases, the landlords are not willing to pay back the amount of security deposit and make different excuses, which can be genuine in some cases, to avoid paying back your amount of security deposit. But there are some essential steps that you can take for avoiding this kind of situation and making sure that you get all of the security deposit back.

First of all you have to make sure that there isn’t any major repair job left behind in the apartment unit. If it does, then you will have to compromise simply on your security deposit. If there are some minor repairs to be done, make sure that you do them as they may not be worth the whole of your security deposit. Either take the DIY route or bring someone who can do them cheaply so that you may not have to lose the security deposit.

Besides making small repairs in the fantastic apartments in Portland, you may be required by your lease agreement to leave the apartment well-cleaned. The bathrooms, bedrooms, living area and the kitchen should be well taken care of, and you have to take care of things like damaged carpets, dirty walls, falling paint, etc.

In case if you happen to spill some candle wax at a carpet, you should tear off a little piece of grocery bag made of brown paper and cover the wax stuck on the carpet with it. Now use clothes’ iron at low setting for ironing over that paper you have placed over the spill. This will result in melting the wax, and it will be absorbed by paper bag bringing up the most of color. Though it does not guarantee that the stain will be removed completely, but it will help a great deal for removing most of the wax spills. Also, you need to be a little bit patient as you may have to do several passes with several paper pieces of brown bag.

In the end, you should ensure that the landlord knows it that you want to get your deposit amount back. In case if he is looking to put that amount to rent of the last month, and you are satisfied with it, then it’s fine. You just have to ensure that the agreement is understood by the landlord and that you get what exactly you deserve. In case if you get excuses from your landlord, just clear him that you want the amount back. Unless any particular damage assessment is shown by him/her with costs that exceed or meet the security deposit amount, that’s your money and he shouldn’t at all avoid paying it back to you. This money would help you out in paying the security deposit at the new apartment you are going to rent as the amount would almost be same there as well.