What You should do to get back the Security Deposit

You are making a move to some new apartment, leaving behind the old place, but haven’t yet left the door. The matter of security deposit is yet to be seen. When you moved to this place, you’d have struggled a lot in scraping together that security deposit. But after that you might have completely forgotten about it. You should not leave this money behind as, even if there isn’t any other reason, you will need this money when you will be paying security deposit at your new apartment.

It must not at all be a difficult thing to get back the whole amount of security deposit. The apartment’s normal wear and tear due to daily use isn’t covered by this security amount. It is just for any substantial repairs or cleaning, or at-fault situations or any particular negligence at your end like burns in carpet caused by knocking over some of the candles or large hole that you might have punched through a wall that is covered by some painting. As presumably it should not have happened due to your fault, here is what should be done for getting back all the amount of security deposit.

You should start by fixing any minor damages that may be there. You might have missed dartboard several times, or might have hammered some nails in weak portion of drywall ending up with a little hole. Such things should not really interfere in getting back the amount of security deposit, but there is no reason for you to take any chances with them. Take some caulk to plug up these holes, sand them and then paint over them. If you think the job is too big for your liking then you can leave that alone. You’d never be looking to turn any small damage into a major one, forfeiting all your security deposit. Prior to starting any kind of repairs, you should talk to the landlord. There are special rules set by some of the landlords about caulking so that they can ensure it is done correctly and they don’t have to fix the repairs once you have left. So, just make sure that any minor damages aren’t left behind anywhere in the apartment when you have to leave.

Before leaving the apartment, some basic cleaning has to be done. Some apartments must be “broom swept” before you leave them. This means that you do not have to re-panel the wood floors or replace the carpet, but debris shouldn’t be left behind on the floors. Though you are going to leave the unit, it should be ensured that these fantastic apartments in portland are left neat and clean. Once again, it may not be the reason of forfeiting the security deposit, however, you have to make sure that your landlord isn’t left with any kind of excuse for holding up this process.

If some big furniture has to be moved, do not try to do it all by yourself. Instead hire some professional movers as they are insured, and you might not be. If somehow the apartment is damaged by the movers during the process, the liability can be put on them instead of your amount of security deposit.