Who you need to Talk with prior to Signing a Lease for an apartment

It is often a huge commitment to sign the lease for fantastic apartments in portland¬†– most of the times you agree to pay somebody each month for a whole year! The reason is that it’s really matters to get an apartment and you always make sure that you are making right decision.

If you are of the view that some specific unit is just perfect for you then you should start to talk about some major factors. Prior to picking up your pen and signing the lease, have some conversation with some important people mentioned below:

1. Your Landlord

You’d probably be doing all the face-palming at the moment, think what landlord is all that important. Definitely this is the person worth talking to prior to signing the apartment lease. But it is not like that you’d simply have a conversation when looking at an apartment or just going over the logistics; there should be an in-depth discussion with your landlord.

Hard questions should be asked regarding unit’s state, whether it’ll be painted and cleaned prior to making a move and all stipulations of your lease. Can the unit be subleased by you in case if you have to leave the apartment early somehow? Are the pets allowed in the unit? Prepare a list containing all questions you bear in your mind prior to meeting your landlord and make sure you are really ready to talk.

2. Your Future Neighbors

Have you started new job ever and wished that you could have a chat with employees prior to accepting that offered position? This prior knowledge should be applied to signing your apartment lease. The neighbors you are going to have would potentially be living in the same building for quite some time which makes them aware of problems that can impact you. Do not be afraid and knock some of the doors and get low-down on the landlord, rent or the building. It is quite likely that they had some this as well or at least wish the same.

3. The Previous Residents

You can definitely get some great insight by having a chat with your potential neighbors, but things can be scary when you knock at the door of a stranger. It is where Internet has to play its part. Apartment reviews and ratings can be seen from the certified residents who have been verified by the websites to have actually lived there. Often these sites have ratings on every complex broken into different categories that cover topics like apartment location, condition, maintenance and their worth.

4. The Prior Landlords

The new leasing company or landlord would always want to ensure that you will pay for the apartment and will also take proper care of the unit. Due to this they tend to contact any of your previous landlords. They will ask them about how you were as a tenant as this allows them to make sure that you are to right choice for them to lease their apartment to.

So, it is advisable for you to call the previous landlord to get a recommendation letter if you have left in a good standing.